Slow start…

I’ve been looking through a list of auxiliary hospitals during WWI but it is a lengthy process. I’m only on the B’s and I’m finding a lot of the buildings aren’t really what I’m looking for. Any that were houses that were donated for medical use have seemed rather small and may not be suitable for the research I have in mind.

I wondering if this is really the best place to start with my research. It seems like a fruitless endeavour so far.

I did however visit a National Trust house this weekend, and wonder if it is better to find such a house and start looking into research from there instead. The problem I see with this is that research may have already been carried out. On the plus side they are more likely to have archives to look into as a starting point. The house I visited was used as an officers convalescent home during WWI while the owner carried on hosting Friday-to-Monday’s (long weekend house parties) ; I thought this would be an interesting circumstance to look into. As well as this, the house is of such a size that there were over 70 staff that worked there before the war; giving a large number of people to research on their experiences during the war.

I’m also reading a book about country houses during WWI; which has been insightful and interesting to read.

20170603_165157 polesden lacey ed.jpg


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