A place for my meandering thoughts…

As I was starting to think about my dissertation and what I might like to research, and write about, my ideas kept changing and I’m finding that I can’t make a definite decision. I thought that by making a blog of my process it will allow me a place to think out loud and through this process hopefully I can start to hone my ideas.

Thus this will be a place for my meanderings and findings along the way on this year long process.

I have recently written an essay on treatment of mental illness in the first half of the 20th century and this led me to research into how shell shock (a mental illness that came about because of WWI) was treated. I found this interesting and this is where my dissertation idea was born. Many men were treated or convalesced in houses that were donated to the cause by well-to-do or aristocratic families in Britain. I also love to visit old houses such as those looked after by The National Trust, English Heritage and The Historical Houses Association; and so to be able to look into how such houses were used in WWI seemed like a natural progression for me.


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